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Welcome to ABBA and Our New Gallery

Welcome to the Association of British Botanical Artists it's fantastic to be here. After many months of research, development and team building ABBA is finally launched. From a germ of an idea in 2016 to the formation of a new association with a love of botanical art, we are really looking forward to ABBA taking its first steps. After feedback from many friends of ABBA and extensive consultation, we have developed our ethos of

every one - every where - every ability

and this drives how we want to interact with our members and the wider public. This is a real challenge and we are attempting, for the first time, to meet this challenge through the use of innovative technology and the human touch with our local ABBA Champions. Time will tell if we have been successful.

To celebrate the launch of the new ABBA Gallery we have decided to feature the artwork of our founding artists. The vision of these artists was for an association that catered for individuals of all abilities who could come together to enjoy the simple pleasure of transferring the flora of the countryside to paper. This gallery will act as ABBA's permanent exhibition of members work that we aim to change at regular intervals.

We have also added a selection of a few of the artworks that featured in the U.K. contribution to the World Wide Day of Botanical art - "In Ruskin's Footsteps", held in May 2018 at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University. We hope you enjoy your visit and come again for our next exhibition.

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