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Gaynor exhibits widely in the UK and abroad and is preparing her third RHS exhibit, hopefully for 2021. Her work receives accolades and is in art collections in several countries. These include the Hunt Institute for Botanical Illustration, Pittsburgh, and the Florilegia at Chelsea Physic Garden and Cedric Morris collection, both in the UK.

Her highly detailed paintings are in graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour or pen and ink, often using a microscope to dig deeper.

May 2018 saw the culmination of Gaynor and her team's organisation of a successful UK contribution to the Botanical Art Worldwide Exhibition. With a few like-minded people she is now helping to establish the Association of British Botanical Artists (ABBA), an organisation for everyone, everywhere interested in botanical art, regardless of their ability.

With the increasing popularity of botanical art, Gaynor is kept busy teaching classes and workshops both at home and abroad with students from around the globe as part of an internet based botanical art course.

Her teaching skills are based on the philosophy that drawing is not an innate ability, but the result of ‘wanting to draw’.

Gaynor also accepts commissions, sells original artwork, limited edition prints and cards.

Her students tell her that after going to one of her classes, workshops or online course, they look at everything with different eyes; seeing amazing details they never saw before.

A recent talk to the local Horticultural Society Group

In preparation for a presentation to the local 'Horti' group, she asked her students what they thought she should tell avid gardners about botanical art. One person said:

"I get so excited about what I can actually see now, that its

almost orgasmic!'

During the talk, Gaynor included these photos, no-one had any idea what they were. Perhaps they need to join ABBA to get the most out of being a gardener and learning to enjoy their plants!

A tomato flower dissected.

NB: Although the flower appears perfect it is already fertilised.

A runner bean flower dissected.

NB: Another perfect flower with the runner beanalready fertilised and developing.

An Autum Blackberry Branch

Practicing on vellum - work finished September 2019.

mob: 0777 1606 329

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