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Online Gallery - Artwork Submission

The ABA Gallery is available to the public via the GALLERY link on the ABA menu. All previous exhibitions are also available in our Gallery.

The ABA Gallery provides:

  • online exhibition space

  • space for any size picture

  • an artwork title, artist and where appropriate a description

We have two exhibitions each year :

- one published at the beginning of May and

- one published at the beginning of November   


You can use these fixed dates to plan your painting and exhibition year.

The May exhibition is an open exhibition with no fixed theme but has a title which is open to your interpretation and follows the General Exhibition Criteria outlined below.


The November exhibition generally has a more directed theme.


Additional exhibitions are advertised as required.

Online submissions open at least 2 months before the exhibition opens. Members will be informed of the exact dates by a personal email.

Only current Members of ABA can submit artwork for exhibition in our online Gallery.

General Exhibition Criteria
You must be a current, financial ABA Member
To submit artwork for an ABA exhibition you must have paid your current membership fees and registered as a member of the Association of Botanical Artists.
Your artwork meets the definition of botanical art / illustration BUT can include fungi, lichens and algae : See Note
If you are unsure of your idea for your composition please contact ABA -
Artwork should be professionally scanned or photographed where possible to ensure the best quality reproduction of the original.
Your digital image should reflect your original artwork. Artists may be asked to resubmit their work if their image does not meet this criterion.
The medium can be: watercolour, coloured pencil, graphite, acrylic, digital art, photographic, pen & ink, acrylic ink, 3D or a combination of these
If you are uncertain of the medium you would like to use then contact ABA as soon as possible for clarification.
One entry per artist (unless advised otherwise for a specific exhibition)
We guarantee that your artwork will be displayed on the ABA online gallery unless it does not meet a majority of the criteria.
You must include the scientific name for the subject(s) of your artwork.
This does not need to be the Title of your work
Scale Bar
Add a scale bar if you have different size elements on your image.
Confirm that your submission is completely original and all your own work.
You will be asked to acknowledge this when you submit your work. You can submit artwork that has been exhibited previously.
Confirm that you own all the rights, title and interest in the work and have not used any work copyrighted by others in its creation.
You will be asked to acknowledge this when you submit your work.
Confirm that it does not infringe on the rights of any other person or entity.
You will be asked to acknowledge this when you submit your work.

NOTE:  Botanical art in the broadest sense = the 'representational' art of plants.

- ‘representational’ meaning relating to or denoting art, which aims to depict an accurate physical appearance of things -

There may be additional, specific criteria required for an exhibition but artist will be informed of these when details of the exhibition are first published.

Read Before You Submit

To ensure we scale your picture correctly and get the best possible image in the gallery it would be useful to have this information at hand BEFORE you submit your image using our online form.


You will need:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Scientific name(s) 

  • Size of your image ( inside mount measure - width and height in cm )

  • Your digital image ( see details below )

The ABA technical requirements for the digital image to display optimally are:

  • Scanned ( professionally preferred) or a quality photograph

  • Minimum resolution of 150 dpi​ (dots per inch)

  • Minimum of 2500 pixels on the shortest side

  • Correct white and colour balance 

  • Format should be .tiff or .jpg (100% or Max) - .png

  • Maximum file size of 15 - 20MB

If you DO NOT have the ability to change the image attributes OR you are not sure about producing your digital image, CONTACT  us as soon as possible and we will assist where we can.  


You will be asked to agree that ABA can display and use your work or elements of your work for promotional use including social media. You will still retain sole copyright of this work which cannot be reproduced or passed to any third party unless we obtain your express permission.

To help you produce a quality digital image of your artwork you may find the following articles useful. 

Digital Image Resources
ABA Guide to Digital Imaging

This is a short form guide to digital imaging and includes the minimum requirements for any piece of digital artwork submitted for publication online. 

Download the ABA Guide Here

Digital image  basics 


Cornell University -


University of Texas


How to photograph your artwork

A bit more advanced

How to scan your artwork


The ABA Team - 2023

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