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New Onion © Toni Dade

New Onion © Toni Dade

A Botanical Showcase

This exhibition starts our 2022 year and opens on 1st May in time to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Worldwide Day of Botanical Art that opened on the18th of May 2018.


The Association of British Botanical Artists (ABBA) was originally established to organise the British entry into the Worldwide Day of Botanical Art that was instigated by the American Society of Botanical Art, (ASBA).  The English section of the exhibition was held in the Peter Scott Gallery at the University of Lancaster.


You can see the online version of the juried British artwork from the Worldwide Day of Botanical Art here. 

"A Botanical Showcase" is ABA's 8th online exhibition and there are 73 artists represented in this exhibition.  Every artist who submitted work has one piece on show.  Altogether, there were a total of 116 entries which is the largest number we have had submitted for any exhibition.

We hope you enjoy our members chosen subjects.

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