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How To
Become a Member?

Click on the menu link Join Us to see Members benefits or HERE to register directly.

Step 1. Complete the Membership Registration Form and you will get a return email with further instructions on how to register for access to the members area and how to pay your fees.


Step 2. Set up your password for members area by clicking on the Members login and then select the Sign Up as shown and on the Sign Up form, enter your email and choose a password.  ABA will then send an Invoice for the Members fees.











Step 3. When you receive your invoice in your Inbox pay your Membership Fees and we will give you access to the Members Area and all the Members benefits. 


Currently we accept Direct Bank Transfers and PayPal.  

Membership fees are due within 21 days of receiving your invoice from ABA.

ABA Community Bank Account

NatWest - Chichester Branch
5 East Street, Chichester
West Sussex P019 1HH

U.K. Sort Code: 600524     Account: 26932911

International - IBAN  GB18 NWBK 6005 2426 932911
                         BIC - NWBK GB 2L


Add ID to your transfer so we know who it came from - use the first 8 characters of your email or last name.

ABA PayPal Account

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