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Behind the Scenes - Our Library

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

A lot of our members or visitors to the ABBA website may not realise the wealth of resources that lie behind the Members Login link. In this series of blogs we will highlight some of these valuable resources. The best part is that they are mostly free!

One of the key aims of ABBA has been to bring together the collective knowledge of all our members and share these with each other. To accomplish this we provide the means online whereby members can add to this collective knowledge very easily. Overtime we hope this will grow into a really valuable resource for those just beginning in botanical art to our professional members adding to their knowledge and skills.

Our first " Behind the Scenes " post relates to a resource we call "Our Library" and comes from our Chair, Gaynor Dickeson.


" Our Library "

As I was sharing a link to a blog in the members section of our website, I wondered how many people know the wealth of information that lies there. We are still a new organisation and already our members have started to share and post lots of useful stuff. Of course, this is only created by and available for our members; but is another good reason to join ABBA.

I was adding a link to a blog post in the member section called ‘Our Library’. I found the blog particularly interesting and potentially useful to many botanical artists, experienced or beginners. In fact the subject being expanded upon is something I have found extremely useful in my own practice. Luckily it is something that requires little material and effort.

Of course, I’m not going to tell you what the subject is; I am blatantly using it to whet your appetite and persuade you to have a look if you are already a member. If not, it is simple to Join Us.

Combined with Figure 1 here is a hint. Login to the members section click on " Our Library " and look for a recent link to the Blog entry referred to above.

Figure 1. Blackberry sketch notes - GD

In some respects the title ‘Our Library’ might give you the impression that it is just book recommendations and therefore rather dry. However, the section also provides links to blogs that members have found useful or interesting, to online courses, Facebook pages, Artists, Groups and much more as shown in the list of categories in Figure 2. These are resources added by our members and will grow with time.

Figure 2. List of categories members can add their own favourite resources to.

"Our Library" is mostly a resource page and I think hugely valuable. Even more so if people add links to blogs, articles and other things they have found useful in developing their botanical art interest.

In "Our Library" you can search by category or just pop in a simple search word to see what's there.

So, if you are a member of ABBA, when you come across anything that you have found interesting and useful for yourself, add it to "Our Library". This would save all of us having to trawl through reams of information just to find the one bit we want!

GD August 2019

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