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Behind the Scenes - ABBA TV

A week ago I looked behind the scenes at the ABBA member pages just to find out what is there and what can be of use to our members.

I told you what I found in the library, which, like a modern library doesn’t just contain dry old books or even reviews of them. It a wide range of things, making it useful to any botanical artist whether starting out or well experienced.

This time I had a look at the contents of ABBA TV. Now what on earth is that?

It is a load of videos, created by other artists or people in other walks of life that have useful information for us in our botanical art existence.

Lots of ABBA members have found these videos and by posting links to them on ABBA TV, have made them easily available to the rest of us. Some of the videos are by our own members and in some instances used for their own teaching purposes. But these have been made freely available on ABBA TV.

Here is an example of a few:

  • Watercolour, wet-in-wet

  • Comparing hot press papers

  • What is botanical art?

  • Photographing art work

  • Colour pencil and more

  • Identifying grasses

  • Identifying woodland plants

  • How to paint a cherry

If you are an ABBA member, do have a look at ABBA TV and if you have a favourite video, please do post its link so that we can all share and learn from it.

Again, if you are not yet an ABBA member, this is where you can sign up and start to share in the benefits of membership.

GD - August 2019

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