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It Was a Great Evening

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

In Conversation with Martin Allen

Purely Botanical? Exhibition

Tuesday, November 10 - 2020

8:00 - 9:30 PM

Greenwich Mean Time - UK

This is the second part of our series based on the topic of defining Botanical Art following our article Let's Talk About Botanical?

For this "Live" Webinar, Martin Allen (Award winning Botanical Artist), led a conversation to continue the debate on "What is Botanical Art?" Martin used images from our most recent exhibition, Purely Botanical? to illustrate his thoughts’ The webinar was hosted by Elaine Allison.

We had over 60 participants located in 10 different countries where the local time ranged from 5am to 10pm. This is a fabulous result and we hope to have more of these thought provoking events.

Look out for Martin's follow up blog post here and for all those who could not make it a recording of Martins talk will be posted in the next few days.

Thank you Martin we really enjoyed it, especially the new botanical art term,"fuzzy edges".

If you have any questions about "Purely Botanical? - In Conversation" or any other queries then please contact us at

The ABBA Team

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I am not sure where my type of painting fits in to botanical illustration as I tend to have a mixture of different plants, seedheads, flowers, leaves and buds. I have wandered away from the rather purist form of having only one plant, roots and all, and often been unsure whether my mixture would be regarded as part of Martyn’s “fuzzy ring” now rather than botanical illustration?


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