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It's Our Birthday Soon and We Would Love Your Feedback!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Peas and Beans - © Gillie Spargo - Winter Warmer Exhibition - 2019/20

The Review has now closed and results will be distributed to our Members and Subscribers soon.

ABBA was officially launched in 2019 and we will be celebrating our first birthday in March. It has been a fabulous year with a growing membership both domestic and international.

ABBA is run by a team of volunteers who bring together like-minded enthusiasts with a shared love of botanical art.

The current structure of ABBA was developed based on the feedback from our initial 2018 survey of our supporters.

After a very successful first year incorporating three online exhibitions, 28 blogs and the opportunity to take part in various events we would love to know what you have enjoyed, how ABBA can work for you and how you might be able to assist ABBA to shape a bright future.

Look out for an email with instructions and your link to the Survey. If you would like to contribute your ideas, become a Subscriber or even better a Member.

The survey will close on Sunday the 23rd February so make sure you have your say.

The ABBA Team

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