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"Winter Warmer" Exhibition - The ABBA Gallery

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

This is the ABBA permanent Gallery. We hope you enjoy the current exhibition. Calls are now open to Members for our next Exhibition.

These spectacular tropical plants come in such vibrant colours - many coloured pencils were sacrificed to portray them.
Bromeliads - © Melinda Edstein - Australia

Its live now! Our new exhibition designed to brighten up these dark days of a northern winter. New gallery, forty pieces of work, twenty one artists, six different countries. Our biggest yet.

This exhibition reflects the creativity and diversity of our members and we are really pleased that the response has been so positive. In order to accommodate the demand we have had to move to a bigger gallery so that we could showcase all of the artwork that was submitted. We are committed to displaying work from all our members regardless if they have just started in botanical art or are well established professionals. We believe that all our artists who have a love of botanical art can only learn from the experience.

every one - every where - every ability

We have chosen Melinda Edstein's "Bromeliads" as our featured image since it reflects the colours of the festive season where the vibrant reds, greens and yellows are a perfect fit.

Ash "Keys" - Jackie Isard - UK

From native Australian flora to common garden specimens look out for new artists, innovative compositions, botanical accuracy and technique. Mixed media also features prominently with watercolour, coloured pencil and pen and ink using both paper and vellum.

This will be our third exhibition since we started as an Association only nine months ago which must be something of a record. Not only because of the number exhibitions but also the opportunity we are giving to artists that would not normally have the national and international exposure that is provided by an online gallery.

Peas & Beans - © Gillie Spargo - UK

One of the challenges of presenting artwork in a digital form is trying to faithfully reproduce the original colours laid down when the work was completed. Happily we think that we have been able to get reasonably close with this exhibition although our visitors will be the final judge. What was a surprise was the different ways the images were produced from the originals ranging from high end digital cameras, flatbed scanners of many makes and even mobile phones.

If you would like to be part of any future exhibition and have a love of botanical art then why not join us, we would love to display your work.

Our next exhibition was scheduled for May 2020 with a theme focussed on "native plants". However, events have obviously overtaken us and we will be announcing calls for entries to our next exhibition as soon as we can. Exhibitions are always open to all our members with the guarantee that at least one piece of their work will be included.

We hope you enjoy our "Winter Warmer" Exhibition.

The ABBA Team

December 2019

Updated May 2020

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This is such a wonderful exhibition, show casing extremely talented artists, who I feel extremely privileged to share a virtual wall space with. 😊

Mi piace
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