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Our New Exhibition - Local Talent

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

ABBA is three months old and to celebrate this event we are excited to display the work of our ABBA Champions in our new exhibition "Local Talent". ABBA Champions are our local and regional representatives who aim to engage with other artists and enthusiasts of botanical art who live in a similar region.

© Leigh Ann Gale - Mulberries

What does an ABBA Champion do?

  • acts as a geographic hub helping ABBA coordinate and manage projects / events at a local level

  • feedback local ideas and questions to the ABBA Team and represent the local area at the national level.

  • facilitate informal gatherings of local members for the exchange of ideas and skills

  • act as a contact if a local group would like to mount a local workshop and work with the ABBA Team to facilitate this.

  • work with the ABBA Gallery Manager to showcase local or themed artwork in the ABBA Galleries

  • act as a local organiser if ABBA members mount a regional or national exhibition of their members work.

  • provide news about the local group for the rest of the ABBA family.

© Sheelagh Keane - Fig

If you would like to see who are our current ABBA Champions then follow this link to see who might be near you. Our members have access to their contact details so if you would like to join ABBA then sign up here.

Since our artists can be geographically isolated or live in different countries our virtual galley is a great way to bring our members together and showcase their work to a wider audience.

All of our members are at different stages of artistic development ranging from those just starting out to professional artists. We believe displaying work from all our members is key to engaging all aspiring botanical artists. We hope you enjoy their work.

Watch out for our next major exhibition around November / December that will focus on the work of all of our members.

The ABBA Team - July 2019

© Julie Coleclough - A collection of squash.

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