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Pomegranates are not only for colourful salads!

Mistletoe by Annie Morris

And you thought pomegranates were just used in exotic salads. Something different to start the New Year. One of our members, the award winning artist Lucy Smith has just posted a video on the V&A Channel on YouTube. Just click on the link above.

The video was created for a V&A series on Renaissance Watercolours: materials and techniques so make sure you watch both videos.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term V&A it stands for the Victoria & Albert (Museum) a fabulous repository of art, design and performance. If the world gets back to some semblance of normality and you are ever in London, then make this one of your top places to visit.

Lucy is an award winning freelance botanical illustrator/artist who works closely with the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew to reproduce scientific illustrations for their collection.

We know a few of our members have had a close and personal acquaintance with a pomegranate and a paintbrush so you might be interested in following Lucy as she puts pencil and brush to paper. This is one of those videos that are almost meditative with just the moving image as paint is mixed and applied layer on layer to bring the subject to life.

One of the little gems is seeing how Lucy colour matches her washes to the subject. We like the little smile at the end and maybe just maybe Lucy finished with a glass of crisp white to celebrate, or even some bubbles.

And finally, just to wrap up your forty minutes of meditation with Lucy, pop out to the kitchen and whip up a Pomegranate and Pear Green Salad with a Ginger Dressing - the colour mix alone would do any watercolourists pallette proud.

The ABBA Team


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Seeing the whole process ... measuring to drawing then colour matching and painting -was excellent. Thank you!

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