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Our Current Exhibition

" A Botanical Showcase "

May - October 2022

New Onion - © Toni Dade

With a name change for the Association and a growing international audience we are celebrating these events with our latest exhibition showcasing the work of our members. There were 116 pieces of work submitted by 73 different artists and the exhibition comprises the submitting artists' first preference. We always exhibit at least one work from each artist so this means " A Botanical Showcase" has 73 pieces of art in the online gallery, our largest yet. This will be ABA's eighth exhibition and the first for 2022.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition of the talented work of our members.

The ABA Team

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A beautiful botanical showcase as always.

09 мая 2022 г.
Ответ пользователю

Thanks for this it is our ABA members that make these exhibitions so enjoyable.

ABA Team

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