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- We Are Nearly There -

The ReflectionS Exhibition is just about ready. When submissions closed on September 1st we had 66 entries from 18 countries which is a great response from our members. What was really pleasing was the attention to detail and the great stories that accompanied the artwork, emphasising the importance of the plant in its habitat.

Our judges had a really difficult task deciding those pieces of artwork that would be part of our exhibition in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery Kew and in the end, thirty five entries were selected based on the artists adherence to the exhibition aim and on the overall excellence of the submitted work.

" To stimulate discussion about biodiversity and the impact of climate change using the medium of botanical art to tell a story through imagery which is visually appealing and immediately accessible to a wide audience. "

Since the judging we have been working closely with staff from the Shirley Sherwood Gallery and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the thirty five selected submissions are now ready to be displayed on a large screen in Gallery 6 so if you are able to visit the gallery then please pop in.

ReflectionS will be associated with the upcoming major exhibition in the Kew gallery featuring Zadok Ben-David: Natural Reserve and the Shirley Sherwood Collection: Elegant and Enchanting - Botanical Art from Japan, China and Thailand.

If you love botanical art and you live in or around London, this will make a great day out as you will have three different exhibitions to explore.

If you cannot get to the Shirley Sherwood Gallery then don't despair since all sixty six entries will be displayed to an international audience in the ABBA online gallery. We guarantee that if you are an ABBA Member, regardless if you are just beginning or are at a professional standard we will exhibit your work. We feel this is a great way to encourage and challenge anybody just starting out as a botanical artist or international exposure for more experienced artists.

We hope you enjoy ReflectionS and we look forward to your company for all our future exhibitions.

Cover image - © Elanor Wexler


Shirley Sherwood Gallery and ABBA Online Gallery

Exhibition Opens - Saturday 16th October - 2021

Exhibition Closes - 27th March - 2022


If you have any questions about our latest exhibition please contact us.

All the best

The ABBA Team


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